Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day recap

Yesterday was my first pseudo-Mother's Day. While I don't necessarily consider myself a full-blown mom yet, I do believe I have a child (not just a fetus) growing within. If I were to lose said child, I would be devastated.

The day started off with breakfast with Jon's parents. The four of us then headed over to the house to do some additional painting/cleaning. We're really making progress on it--the master bedroom is completely done with the exception of the floors being re-sealed and the closet primed. The nursery is in the same exact state as the master with the exception of an orange accent stripe that has yet to be painted. The guest bedroom needs one more coat of paint, primed closet, and re-sealed floors. I believe the upstairs hallway and dining room are next up on the painting docket.

Jon gave me a card and a Bamboobies purple nursing shawl, neither of which was I expecting!:
{Image Source} PS, this picture is totes creepy with those little legs dangling out from under.
Following work on the house I met up with my sister and mom at a little tea house in Cleveland for high tea. We had cute finger sandwiches, mini desserts, etc. It was a great time and a welcome distraction (our grandma has been in the hospital/ICU/etc. for the past 3-4 weeks so it's been a very rough month). After tea my sister and I headed over to the hospital to visit with our grandma for a bit. She's doing much better than the last time I saw her so that did my spirit some good. After the hospital I headed home where Jon and I ran a few errands and back to the house to install some new outlet/light switch covers.

All in all, I'd say my first unofficial Mother's Day was pretty great. Not to mention I'm blessed with lots of amazing moms, moms-at-heart, etc., in my life.

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