Wednesday, May 2, 2012

nesting & paint chips

Jon and I picked out some colors for the house:

The orange on the far left (late golden berry) is the accent color we plan on using in the nursery. Next over, the grey (Persian Seed Pearl, not the one that says 'LR' over it) is the main color we're going to paint the nursery walls. Third from the left is Warm Welcome which is what we plan on using in our bedroom. Actually, Jon got some "oops" paint from Sears today for $10 that is a slightly different color than Warm Welcome but along the same lines that we'll use. Third from the right is Dutch Amaryllis Yellow which is going in our kitchen. Second from the right is Alluring Aruba Blue which we plan on using in the full bathroom once we rip out the tile and hopefully install some beadboard (which I intend on painting white). Finally, far right is Savory and Sweet Basil which is going in the dining room and probably living room. We're planning on doing more of a beige color for the hallways/entry way. Obviously, these colors are subject to change based on whether or not we can get our hands on any additional cheap "oops" paint. All these chips were from Walmart so we may go to Menard's to buy it for cheaper and therefore will have to use slightly different colors based on what the store with go with has.

As far as I know, we're still scheduled to close on Friday. I've decided to go with 'no news is good news' but it's been my experience this process that the mantra isn't always true. If we do get the keys on Friday we're planning on doing some spackling Friday night so that my mom can come over on Saturday and help me start the nursery painting. I am very eager to get my hands dirty and start nesting in my real nest!


  1. wondering if you have painted the nursery in the persian seed pearl yet and if you like it and could you possibly post some pictures of it. I am thinking about painting my living room that color and googled it but cannot find any rooms with that color.

    1. Hi Sheila! We did paint it--it was very light, almost white, but we love it. Here are some pics: