Thursday, May 31, 2012

rugs and such

Today Jon and I made what I believe is a real grown-up purchase: a large area rug for our living room. I qualify this as a grown-up purchase because I think rugs are kind of boring and very expensive. We had our eyes on a 7' x 10' rug at Home Depot that was priced at $197 but I just wasn't sold--we were teetering far too close to the dreaded $200 mark. We checked out Homegoods (nada) and had Gabriel Brothers and Lowes up next on our list. Today we headed over to Gabriel Brothers and found a real beauty: an 8' x 10' wool rug for the lovely price of $150. I loved the colors. I loved the pattern. I was far more comfortable with the price. It all felt right. We stood, stared, and debated for a solid twenty minutes and opted to go for it. We also walked out with six curtains--two of which were not the same color as the remaining four but heywe'reonabudget!--for the living room because the living room window was too massive and took all 4 of our current curtains leaving a sad little side window curtainless. The results, in my humble opinion, are nothing short of extraordinary:

Don't mind our mess--we're still very much getting settled. This weekend I'm hoping to finish off the radiator covers (the gaping holes underneath the large window) and hang some of our pictures and whatnot.

The crib mattress was also delivered today and is nestled upstairs in the crib but I think I'm going to hold off on posting any nursery updates until it's basically complete. One thing is for certain: this house of ours is really beginning to feel like home.

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