Thursday, May 17, 2012

truckin' along

Have you seen the season finale of New Girl yet? No? Go. Now. Hulu the heck out of that. It doesn't disappoint.

In other news, we have been trucking along on the house. The master and nursery closets have been painted, the guest room is now painted, except the closet (next on my 'to do' list!), we purchased a fridge (thanks Craigslist/Jon's dad for letting us use his truck!), and are hopefully buying a stove tonight. The upstairs hall is well on its way to being completed. Jon has begun sanding the hardwood floors to lay down a new coat of urethane. The basement demo is scheduled for Saturday. Jon's mom has done a mean job of cleaning the woodwork and taping it off in preparation for us to paint. Light fixtures have been moved around. The electrical and plumbing work is done and we've scheduled the mason to come and make his repairs. The biggest news is that we will be hiring our friend, Scott, to majorly revive our full bathroom and kitchen! Unfortunately he's crazy busy the next few weeks so that won't be done for about a month or so but when he's all done I know we will be thrilled with it.

I've made my calls to schedule appointments with the home security company, the internet provider, and the gas and electric companies. The water/sewage/trash company is giving me a serious run for my money, but I'm hoping to have that all ironed out by mid next week. This is the second consecutive month that I'm nearing my max on anytime minutes. This is unheard of since I prefer texting to old fashioned phone calls any day of the week.

All in all, it's really starting to come together and I am growing more excited by the day. I've never been so invested in one "home project" like this before so it's an exciting time to look at the various pieces of the house and think I (/we) did that. It's really rewarding and I never cease to be amazed by just what a coat of paint does for a room. It's like a completely different house.

I'll likely wait to post any big before/after pictures (well, you've seen all of the 'befores') until we're completely moved in and have curtains, pictures, etc. hung up. Not to mention the fact that even once we've moved in we still have a fair deal of work to do OUTSIDE of the house and I will be kept quite busy up until Baby Flip's arrival with these home-related projects as well as little things such as biweekly OB visits and childbirth classes. In the meantime, I'm hoping to post some of our maternity pictures within the next few weeks that our friends Nikki and Jim took of us last night. I haven't seen any teasers yet but Nikki is really excited and she's her worst critic so I know they're going to be phenom.

Oh, one last major development: I passed physiology! That means I should be officially receiving my Master of Science diploma in the mail within the next few weeks. Praise God for sustaining me through this education process!

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