Thursday, June 28, 2012

bathroom remodel

I've decided not to post any additional kitchen photos until it's completely finished (which, at this point, mostly just means painted walls!) so to hold you over I decided to post a few pictures of the major bathroom overhaul our friend, Scott, has been hard at work on.

Let me refresh your memory of our lovely green bathroom with some "before" photos:
I wish I had gotten a picture of these ridiculous cabinets that lived just above the shower (they are just barely out of view in the middle picture above). These cabinets went all the way back to the wall and created a cave-like shower and pretty much made no sense. Needless to say, we begged Scott to rip them out as part of this remodel. And now, the work-in-progress:
Pardon our mess..
No more silly cabinets!!
Waiting for beadboard
So much more spacious.
As far as I'm aware, Scott just needs to finish the last wall of beadboard, plaster the ceiling where those cabinets were, and throw up some molding. When he finishes that, Jon and I will be filling nail holes, scraping the window frame/built-in cabinet and repainting them, and then painting the ceiling and walls. We also have a new light fixture to put up in there. I was so happy to see the green tiles go and to know we are nearing the end of the updates to the interior of the house and constant mess/not being fully unpacked business that goes with it. Thank you for all of your hard work, Scott!

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