Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and dads-at-heart out there: your role in you childrens' lives is so important and I salute you for being the stand-up men I know you are.

To Jon, I am so excited to see you as a dad in just a few short months. I hope our baby turns out (and looks like!) you because that would bring me unadulterated joy. You will be the best daddy our baby could possibly dream of, I don't doubt that for one second.

To my own dad, thank you so much for all the ways you have supported and encouraged me (and us!) throughout my life. I've learned a lot through and by you and I am grateful to you because of it!

To my father-in-law, you have always been there for us and I know you are half the reason Jon is the man he is. He had you as an example growing up which is a big part of the reason I know he will be an amazing dad.

Today we had Father's Day brunch followed by more house stuff. We are in the midst of a much-needed rainstorm and I can hear our grass yelling thanks. The temperature is perfect, my foot/ankle swelling has gone down quite a bit, and we are feeling quite blessed today.

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