Monday, June 18, 2012

kitchen progress 2.0

We've made quite a bit of headway since my post just a few short days ago.

Where the fridge will go!
With regard to painting, here's what we have left:
-paint the cabinet doors and drawers
-do a coat of ceiling paint once Scott's all done patching everything
-painting over all of the trim
-painting the remaining window frame (we're leaving all doors with the original wood for the time being--bigger fish to fry)
-paint the inside of the cabinets that are above the stove and sink (which includes peeling out the awful contact paper from the previous owners)
-painting the room--as much as I dig the psych institution vibe I'd prefer something warmer

We're definitely getting there. Tomorrow Jon is planning on installing our backsplash--roof flashing that we're re-purposing out of necessity/frugality--and when I get home from work I want to tackle the inside of the remaining cabinets. Following the completion of the inside of the cabinets I'm going to switch gears to the cabinet drawers/doors since I can do that sitting down. It's definitely coming along! I intend on starting to unpack some of our kitchen boxes once the painting we did yesterday on the inside of the one set of cabinets dries and keeping more of an open-air vibe until the doors go back up. I'm itching to start that project!

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