Saturday, June 16, 2012

kitchen progress

We haven't had a functioning kitchen since we moved in. Part of this is attributed to the fact that our friend Scott would be remodeling it within a few weeks of us moving in so we didn't see the sense in unpacking everything in there. Part of this is because the kitchen is gross (greasy) and awkward. We have since torn out the terribly installed linoleum floors, Jon refinished the hardwood that was buried beneath, and we tore out some of the awkwardly sized cabinets above what would be a weird-height fridge. Jon's uncle switched out our leaky faucet. The boys also managed to move one of the side cabinets that we're ultimately going to turn into a breakfast bar counterspace. Here is some of the progress that's been made so far:

Before - that cabinet just barely in the picture to the left is what was removed
After Jon refinished the floor and we removed the one cabinet!

After removing the cabinets above/next to where the fridge goes

I wish I would have gotten better/more before pictures--those are literally the only two I've got. The pantry on the right in the picture above is also now gone along with the drywall to the right of it (it was an awkwardly long/deep pantry) and the cabinetry on the left has been primed and has the first coat of paint, along with cabinets Scott built. Baseboard and crown molding has been removed to be replaced and Scott moved the electrical outlet for the fridge to where the former pantry was. We bought our range hood and have a garbage disposal that arrived yesterday. The giant gap to the right of the sink is where an 18" dishwasher goes which is currently on our "we wish but can't afford right now" list. Jon is confident the remodel will be done by midweek and I really hope so because I am more than ready to unpack our kitchen, have a stove again, and no longer have a fine coating of drywall dust spread throughout our first floor!

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