Thursday, June 7, 2012

quick baby flip update

Tuesday I had one of my biweekly OB appointments. Everything is progressing normally. The babe is head down and at the time of the appointment had its tush on my right side and legs on my left. Heart rate was 140 beats per minute. Movements are just as active as ever. I'm up about 24 pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy which bummed me out because my goal was to only gain 25 of the 25-35 recommended pounds and it's much more likely I'll gain closer to the 35. My doctor said they will let me go a week past my due date (August 3) before inducing. One thing I love about my OB is they are very big on letting nature do its thing--they avoid c-sections and induction unless absolutely medically necessary.

My belly button hasn't completely popped yet--just on the top half. I'm torn between wanting it to fully pop out of mere curiosity and wanting it to never pop. The nursery is well on its way. We repainted the dresser drawers a lighter orange to match some stripes my mom painted in the nursery, and also painted the crib drawer the same orange. Yesterday I even put away the clothes we currently have for our little one in the dresser! I'm hoping to hang a shelf this week. I also need to figure out what prints to buy for the walls. I had high aspirations of making them myself but with everything else we have going on with the house I just don't see that happening before August.

I have my next OB appointment in two weeks, then in the beginning of July I switch over to weekly visits. The baby shower is this Sunday and we're so excited to celebrate the bean's impending arrival with some of our family and friends. We're really getting down to the grind over here!

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