Wednesday, June 6, 2012

switches to nowhere

Jon and I have encountered 3 light switches that seemingly do nothing and 2 porch lights that won't illuminate despite new bulbs so far in our house.

The 3 light switches to nothing? 2 were in our dining room and 1 in the living room. The only way to turn on the dining room light (which is a ceiling fan) was to pull the chain on the fixture itself. The switches did nothing. As for the living room light switch, we figured it controlled an outlet since there is no light fixture in the living room. We tried every outlet... twice. Nada.

Lucky for us, my sister-in-law's dad is an electrical engineer and she informed us that he loves looking into these sorts of issues. He volunteered to come over and check things out and did so on Monday night. The first switch they knocked out was one of the dining room switches. That apparently controls an exterior light on the back side of the house above the garage. However, the bulb is burnt out so we aren't yet sure if the switch works (although it was turning current on and off).

Next up was the mysterious switch that should clearly control the dining room light fixture but didn't. After some investigation and fiddling, he discovered that there was some wire that wasn't connected to the switch (?) but should be. Jon cut the breaker and he rewired it and voila! We have a switch that controls the dining room light!

Next up was the living room switch. After much investigation and perseverance, the only conclusion we could draw is that there used to be a central ceiling light fixture in the room that was no longer there and this was the switch to control it. I voted we just cover up the hole in the wall and pretend like it was never there but Jon wants to wait it out and investigate further to see if we could install a light fixture in the room one day.

Finally, the porch lights. The conclusion on those bad boys is that the fixtures are probably bad, so that's on our "to do" list now--buy new porch lights!

Mad props to Mr. Ramsey, Marc and Kelly for spending so much time trying to figure out our weird electrical situation! Three out of four isn't bad at all!

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