Sunday, July 29, 2012

guest bedroom 2.0

We added some personal touches to half of the guest bedroom. The other half has bathroom items in it as Jon finishes painting the bathroom cabinet. We'll hopefully have final guest bedroom pictures for you in about a week.

The bookshelf used to live in our dining room at our apartment and the television stand sat in the guest bedroom that was more of an "everything" room at the apartment. We were hoping to get a 2nd bookshelf for the left of the television stand but unfortunately it would be about 3/4" too wide for that spot. 

On the one wall that isn't pictured (with all the bathroom junk) we're planning on putting our wardrobe and then we're hoping to put some artwork over the bed's headboard but we're not sure if that plan will work out. Every room that we complete makes this house feel so much more like home.

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