Thursday, July 26, 2012

holla! progress.

Had our 39-week appointment yesterday. Up until this point the baby hadn't dropped / I wasn't effaced / I wasn't dilated.

I should mention that Jon and I went walking around the local mall the other day in an effort to move things along. A sales lady at Brookstone told me the baby dropped. I didn't believe it because babies make everyone think they're doctors (myself included). Lady also said she thinks it's a girl.

At the appointment, the nurse said to me right away, "it looks like you dropped, at least a little!" Cue glimmer of hope.

My doctor came in and asked if we had questions. I asked if they strip membranes since they are generally very hands-off with regard to intervention unless necessary. She said yes, if I was 1 cm dilated she would do so then. Cue desperation given my last 2 no progress checks.

Then she checked.

"This baby is SO low. The biggest part of its head is already through the narrowest part of your pelvis!"

I may or may not have yelled out, "HOLLA!"

Then the million dollar question: was I dilated?

"You're definitely at least 1 cm dilated!"

Again, I may or may not have yelled out, "HOLLA!"

Then she stripped my membranes. Let me tell you: it's about as pleasant as the name implies. BUT it only lasted about 20-30 seconds and let's be real ya'll... it's just a preview of what's to come.

Then I asked her if she could nail down a more accurate size estimation now that the baby has dropped / doesn't "float up in the uterus" when they push on its head.

"I'd say if you delivered today you're looking at about 7.5 pounds. I'd be VERY surprised if you exceeded 8 pounds by the time you deliver."

For good measure, I once again may or may not have yelled out, "HOLLA!" My doctor also proceeded to inform us that the heartbeat was around 150 bpm and "sounded great" and confirmed that we still have a VERY active little one. "I can see it moving around right now as I'm trying to get this heart rate reading!"

Last night we headed back to the mall to keep working on walking this baby out. If BF ends up being a girl I'm going to the Brookstone lady for advice and to tell me my future.


  1. EEEEP! I'm so excited for you! What's the game plan moving forward? Just waiting for contractions that are close enough to go into the hospital? I'm so clueless when it comes to labor.

    And btw, I'll probably pass out during membrane stripping. And labor. I'm a whimp.

    1. Sadly, now we just wait! The membrane stripping could do nothing to elicit labor or I could go at any second. I will call the doctor if my water breaks or when I have contractions that are 5 minutes apart for 2 hours. So far I haven't really had any noticeable contractions since my appointment so we could still be two weeks away!

  2. How exciting! You guys must be on pins and needles!