Monday, July 23, 2012

locked and loaded

We're just missing one precious piece from this puzzle...
Sun shades on both sides - overprotective much?
Baby mirror so we can see what baby's up to in our rearview
After making sure everything was level and secure we brought the car seat back inside. Someone gave us the sage advice not to keep the car seat in the car prior to delivery because if we get into an accident between now and then we'd need to throw out the seat and buy new. We have the base intact and figure it's easier to replace a $45 base than a $175 car seat! Now all we need to do is click the seat in when it's go time. Well, that and take it to a car seat safety check to make sure we did it correctly. We're anxiously awaiting this little one's arrival!


  1. Me too, can't wait till that little bug is here!

  2. Swinging over from Monday's Mama. I love your nursery! So precious! I don't know how you can handle not knowing the gender. I'm due October 20th with a baby girl. I don't think I could ever NOT know. You're a stronger pregnant woman than I am! haha

    1. Aw thanks Celeste! It's been tough. We have an ultrasound the 2nd and I asked my husband at my last regular appointment if we could find out the gender if the baby isn't here yet. My OB interjected and said, "No way! You waited this long, I won't let you cheat now!"