Sunday, July 15, 2012

menchie's baby mobile

Have I mentioned before how much I love Menchie's? Because I do, an awful lot. Give me some red velvet cake and cake batter froyo, throw in some hot fudge, and color me content. I'm also a fan of their spoons. You get these adorable spoons with your treat and the first time we ever ate there I realized how valuable they could be in the crafting world. I resolved myself to start saving the spoons when we finished our yogurt for a future unknown art project. Jon may or may not have also had to restrain me on several trips to prevent me from digging through the trash can to retrieve additional spoons.

Enter Baby Flip. I couldn't find a baby mobile that I liked / could afford / would fit with our unusually thick crib rails. I quickly recalled how the Menchie's spoon has this little prefabricated loop on the top where the soft serve hair twirls over. It basically begs for some fishing line or other type of thread to be woven through.

Before the painting began

That settled it. I would collect the spoons from all of our pregnancy-craving-induced Menchie's trips and turn them into a baby mobile. I quickly formulated my plan: spray paint the spoons the appropriate colors for our nursery (my initial thought was teal, orange, and maybe a purple), purchase and paint a wooden circular hoop to hang the spoons from, and purchase some sort of string (tweed and fishing line were my initial thoughts) to hang the spoons and mobile with.

After procrastinating for literally the entire pregnancy (it didn't take long to build up our spoon supply given BF's sweet tooth...) I decided to get on the mobile train since the baby is due in 3 weeks. I had to improvise on the fly a bit when I couldn't find a wooden hoop nor white plastic primer, but it all came together in the end.

-Paint (or prime, if you can find it) the spoons with a spray paint that adheres specifically to plastic (I used Valspar plastic paint in white)

-After paint/primer dries, apply colored spray paint using as many coats necessary to get the depth you want (used Valspar Tropical Oasis and Gold Abundance; Krylon Rich Plum). It took me several coats, especially with the yellow.

This next part is important: if possible, HANG THE SPOONS to paint. I learned this lesson the hard way. Another hard lesson I learned? Be patient and let each side dry completely before flipping. Sigh, BF is just going to have to accept the bits of newspaper that are stuck to the spoons as a result of lesson #1.

I held up a piece of newspaper behind each spoon as I sprayed it once I realized this would probably be a wiser approach.

-attach a string to the hoop to hang from the ceiling. I first attempted using monofilament illusion cord (similar to fishing line) but this ended up not working at all. I switched to a heavy duty thick silk thread instead.

-if you use a metal hoop you should superglue the thread in the spots you want as you go. Otherwise the string will travel along the hoop and it won't stay balanced.
-attach spoons.... when they're dry!!!
-for this step I went through and double knotted at the tops of the spoons and on the metal hoop. I super glued the knots on the tops of the spoons immediately and waited to super glue the knots on the hoop until we held it up and made sure it was balanced
-hang in your nursery

One of the things I love most about the mobile is that I'll be able to tell the baby "this is how much you made your mom love frozen yogurt / dessert." I'm also borderline ashamed of the vast number of Menchie's spoons we accrued during the pregnancy...


  1. I'm glad you acquired one of my better life's delights - ICE CREAM! (Well,OK - frozen yogurt).

    Nicely done. I'm sure BF will spend hours in awe of your handiwork.

  2. We love this over at Menchie's Global Headquarters. We may feature it on our social media pages for Earth Day week next week! Great job!

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