Thursday, July 5, 2012

an open letter to chipotle

Dear Chipotle,

I never fancied myself a big chips and guac girl--I always beelined for the mild salsa--until I got all sorts of pregnant. Suddenly, my unborn child craved it on a nearly biweekly interval. While this could have been a huge problem financially, my parents had previously purchased me $60 in Chipotle gift cards as a graduation present. Do you know how much Chipotle one can procure with $60 in gift cards? Take my word for it: a lot.

So why am I writing to you? I have a proposition. You see, it appears as though the chips and guac isn't sufficient enough for my demanding fetus. Oh no, when the chips/guac craving hits, so does a craving for a root beer float. Alas, your fine establishment does not contain such an item on its menu. I think this should be the day that all changes. You already pushed the envelope by introducing naturally raised meat and healthier alternatives such as brown rice, so why not break the conventional Mexican-style food mold by introducing deliciously creamy ice cream beverages? Because what goes better with chips and guac than a root beer float? NOTHING.

I pray that you'll consider my suggestion. I'm sure there are hoards of pregnant women out there who will jump right on the RBF-train and who will single handedly make it worth your while.

Yours always,

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