Wednesday, July 25, 2012

slow down

Things are starting to calm down now that we're in the homestretch. Jon's work has been scheduling him one/MAYBE two days per week because we obviously can't plan for when this baby will show up and in the retail world it's difficult to get shifts covered at the last minute. While this sucks big time for us in the finances department, it's nice that he has a little extra time to work on house projects. Not to mention the fact that when I get home from work in the evenings he's usually home and we get to spend some much needed quality time together! Then we can do things like cook ourselves some mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and bacon wrapped turkey filet for dinner:

Either way, I'm starting to move at a snail's pace. I have horrendous pelvic pain thanks to all my stretched out ligaments that makes walking a chore. Getting up out of anything (chair, bed, etc.) is a challenge that often requires assistance from Jon. Just when I thought sleep couldn't get any worse it did. To top it all off, my brain has slowed to match my body. I feel aged, weathered, and tired. Times that I lay down "for a few" turn into 3+ hour naps (hey, I'll take it!). I've stopped going upstairs to the full bathroom when I'm downstairs and have resorted to the creepy unfinished half bath because stairs are just not worth it anymore. I'm contemplating having Jon bring up the "man chair" (our recliner with ottoman) to our bedroom for me to sleep in because being flat hasn't seemed to be conducive to my lower back pain.

 In the wise words of The Format, I'm Ready, I Am.


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    1. It's the greatest recipe ever! Leave it in its husk and throw it on the grill for 30 minutes.. it cooks perfectly and there's no clean-up!