Tuesday, July 3, 2012

time flies

I just realized that our official due date is exactly one month from today. Holy cow!

I started packing our hospital bag last night while Jon was at work and the baby's bag has been packed for a few weeks now, complete with about 10 outfits because I simply couldn't pick my favourites. On top of that, my OB doesn't take fundal height measurements so I have no idea if this child is measuring big or small or right on track, so I brought outfits of several different sizes. I was a long, thin baby and Jon was a shorter, plump baby, so I really don't know what size BF will be. Based on the long feet/legs we saw at our 20-week ultrasound I'd like to think it's going to take after me size-wise, but we'll see...

I have my first weekly OB visit today. In addition to the tests they run every visit, I will have my group b strep test. I'm also hoping they check my cervix so I can start to get an idea about just how stubborn BF is. I'm predicting I'll ultimately require induction because this babe seems quite content to just hang out in my front all day and readjust from side to side almost constantly. That being said, I'm not even sure if my OB does cervical measurements because they are very big about sitting back and letting nature do its thing--something I love about them. So basically, this visit will be an adventure.

Everything at the house is coming along nicely. We're having a small cookout tomorrow with a couple of friends and we're really looking forward to it. After the cookout we're hoping to get some other house things done. I got to use our dishwasher for the first time last night and after nearly 2 years of not having one I am madly in love. We got some significant cleaning on the back porch completed which made me feel good - I can walk out there now! Scott is almost done with everything and I can't wait to see the finished product(s). Jon and I finally agreed on a color for the bathroom. Everything is definitely beginning to feel like home and not a moment too soon!

Finally, I'd like to extend a shout out to Nikki and Jim for having us over at their pool on Sunday. I've been dreaming of feeling weightless for quite some time now and they helped make my dreams come true.
Jon didn't trust me/thought I was going to pull him in
The best parts were the company, the weather, the feeling weightless!!, and the coldness. The worst part was when I'd get out of the pool and reality would set in again. That must be what it feels like when astronauts return to earth... thank you for relieving my joints for a few hours, you two!

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