Wednesday, July 4, 2012

babe update

We're rushing around running some errands before we have a few friends over for a lunchtime cookout (that we are greatly looking forward to).

Just thought I'd post a quick update from our OB visit yesterday:
-we are currently 0 cm dilated - surprise, surprise.. I think I nailed "stubborn baby" on the head
-Baby Flip hasn't dropped yet
-aka, Baby Flip is quite content staying put for as long as humanly possible - I'm ready to serve an eviction notice
-my ankle swelling is a result of all the extra fluid and NOT diet (ahem, so now my dear husband can stop harping on my salt intake!!)
-we scheduled an ultrasound for August 2 in case the babe doesn't come by then (which I'm guessing it won't be here yet) - this will check the size of the baby, as well as amniotic fluid levels. Either way, I'm excited that in less than a month we'll either have a baby or at least have more pictures of our baby
-the doctor estimated BF's weight to be "slightly higher than average" - he said average at 40 weeks gestation is about 7 lbs 8 oz and we're "looking at the high 7's, but likely low- to mid-8's"... BF is currently around 7 lbs (woof)

I hope everyone has a glorious 4th of July!

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