Thursday, August 30, 2012

dairy-free pumpkin cookies

Going dairy-free has been much harder than I anticipated. Everything you can buy (for the most part) at the store that comes even remotely premade seems to contain milk or its derivatives. The thing that has suffered most from this new diet is my sweet tooth. Chocolate was always my go-to sweet and that's obviously out of the picture now.

Last night we had our bedroom window open and it got quite chilly--perfect sweater weather and my favourite time of year. It gave me the pumpkin itch and my mission during Elden's nap yesterday was to find some dairy-free pumpkin recipes.

I stumbled across this pumpkin cookie recipe and Jon and I gave it a shot during another one of Elden's naps. Jon added chocolate chips to his and I had mine sans nuts because I was too lazy to crush them up. The batter was pretty sweet (overly sweet in my opinion) but when they were cooked they turned out delicious!

I think one of the best parts of this recipe was that we had all the ingredients in our pantry already. We happen to have a TON of canned pumpkin because I was paranoid about the great pumpkin blight of 2010 occurring again and stocked up last year. I may have gone a little crazy and we may be set on pumpkin stores that will sustain us through Elden's college years. But I recommend this recipe regardless of whether or not you can eat dairy.


  1. You can still find dark chocolate without milk in it! Don't lose hope;) Endangered Species chocolate bars are my favorite.

  2. I've had a dairy allergy for the last 8 years or so and making the switch to dairy free eating was so (SOOOO) hard at first. But it gets easier with time. A few resources/tips for you--feel free to take them or leave them. Most of the "smart balance" spreads are dairy free and there is a brand of margarine called "Nucoa" (available at most grocery markets) that is dairy free and great for baking. In the natural foods section you can also find a brand of dairy free butter called Earth Balance. Check out these blogs for some great dairy free recipes:,

    Hang in there!