Saturday, August 4, 2012

elden's birth story

On Thursday we went in for our regularly scheduled 40-week ultrasound to check fluid levels. Our nurse told us the fluid levels would need to be less than 5 to have an immediate induction (at this point that was what I was campaigning for). When we got in, the tech explained there are 4 amniotic fluid pockets that they look at and add together to determine the fluid levels.

Pocket 1 was at a 2. Pockets 2 and 3 had umbilical cord in them and she informed us she can't count any pocket that has an umbilical cord in it and therefore these 2 bad boys were disqualified. Pocket #4 was full of baby. Therefore, our total (official) fluid level was a 2.

All three of us were drained!

We waited for close to an hour to see our OB to discuss the results. As soon as he came in he gave us a look and said "time's up!" and told us how with a fluid level so low we simply can't wait and just keep an eye on things. He referred us to the hospital for an induction and after the nurses made some phone calls and pulled some strings we were told to report to labor and delivery at 7 pm Thursday, August 2.

I cheered. Jon rolled his eyes at me. We went home and finished packing our bags, showered, ate, and cleaned up the house a little. Often times repeating the words "oh my gosh I can't believe this happening." Jon had told me earlier in the week he thought our baby would come on its due date because "that just seems like the type of baby it is."

Our little blondie

We got to L&D around 6:45 and requested the one tub room the hospital has and got it! By 7:30 they had inserted a cervical ripener that needed to be re-inserted every 4 hours. Our OB had told us there was a chance the ripener would induce labor on its own and I wouldn't need the pitocin. By 9 pm I was in full blown labor and contracting every 4-5 minutes. I was able to apply the breathing techniques we learned in childbirth class (with Jon counting for me) and was feeling good about things. By 11 they were 2 or so minutes apart but kind of irregular. When they checked me at 11:30 Thursday night I hadn't dilated anymore than when I first came in (I was at a 1/1.5) so they inserted the second ripener. Within an hour of inserting the second ripener my contractions were coming in waves that would barely be a minute apart. I had no time to rest between contractions at that point and was exhausted. I was able to labor until about 3:30 am when they came in to check me. I was at a 3 or a 4 so they broke my water (this took 2 attempts, both of which were horrendously painful). After being informed that breaking my water would just make the contractions stronger, I decided to get the epidural. It was inserted by 4 am. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made for myself during labor.

Once I got the epidural my contractions were literally on top of each other (the doctor called it "stacking") and that put Elden in distress. My blood pressure dropped and so did his heart rate. They had to give me a shot to increase my blood pressure and a second to slow the contractions down. I was thanking my lucky stars by this point that we had elected for the epidural. I slept until about 7:30 but Jon was too anxious to sleep (I had let him sleep for about 2 hours earlier in the night when my contractions were 5 or so minutes apart). When they checked me around 7:30 I was complete so they called our OB and started the process. They sat me up in the bed to start the process of moving the baby down the pelvis. By 8:30 we were pushing. At one point Jon laughed because a nursing student had stopped in the room and greeted me and while I was pushing I stopped to say "hi" back. Pushing lasted about an hour but during that time Jon counted and thinks I only had to push 20-30 times before our not-so-little man made his arrival at 9:35 am. Jon told me "it's a boy" and we checked out Elden while the nurses and doctors remarked how healthy of a size he was. We had skin to skin for about an hour and a half and nursed. Around 11 am Jon went out to the lobby donning his blue bow tie to make the big announcement to our parents. They came back right away and saw him before we got transferred to recovery.

Making the big announcement

It's been a very long 24 hours (Elden was up a good chunk of the night with gas) but we feel abundantly blessed to have had a labor that went as well as it did and a healthy baby boy. He's currently being examined by the pediatrician and we're hoping to be released a day early so we can get home tonight (our OB already gave us the green light). Can't believe Jon was right that our baby would be coming on its (his!) due date!



  1. you make it sound almost.... easy... you are such a strong woman! look at the beautiful thing that you and Jon brought into this world together! can you tell im excited for you :)

  2. congrats and blessings to you and your sweet family. xo

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