Tuesday, August 21, 2012

gassy babe

Exhausted. Frustrated. Confused. Those three words pretty much describe me perfectly right now.

Elden has had a rough few nights. Last night he went down perfectly, sleeping for 2-2.5 hours at a time. After his 5 am feeding, though, he was wide awake. Since then he's been cycling between eating then napping for an hour then waking up crying and inconsolable with awful gas. I have tried to be so aware of what I eat to make sure I'm not consuming foods that could be passed onto him that might upset his stomach. I asked his pediatrician if it could be a dairy sensitivity but at that time he'd only get fussy at night so his doctor said that was unlikely.

Well, I'm desperate. Starting today I'm going to go dairy-free to see if that helps his tummy at all. Because he's tired, we're tired and I hate hearing my baby cry with no way to comfort him. Wish us luck--this is going to be SO hard for me. I love dairy and it's so easy to forget not to consume it!


  1. I am with you - literally! I'm dairy-free too and it was a significant part of my diet before. Hope it helps! I was just about to suggest something like that on your fb. Lee also cries almost inconsolably when he is overtired. Have you heard about the book Babywise? It's not for everyone, but it's been a dream for us.

  2. Almond milk is amazing instead of cow milk. Silk is good for cooking in the original flavor. There are a lot of good books and recipe sites that show good ways to substitute dairy in your diet.