Wednesday, August 8, 2012

guest post

Click on over to Brianna's blog today and check out the guest post she allowed me to write about the human sex trade.

I've been laying low on blogs the last few days because this transition to being at home has been touch and go. Elden is a very good baby but nights are incredibly isolating, the recovery from delivering a nearly 9-pound baby, and the pain associated with breastfeeding are way more difficult and unexpected that I would have thought. I promise I'll return to posting regularly very soon!


  1. If you are having pain while breastfeeding find a La Leche League in your area or going to find The Leak B@@b on facebook will help. They can make sure he isn't tongue tied and make sure he is latching on ok. Give yourself a learning curve, breastfeeding can get easier. Good luck and congrats.

    1. That should say The Leaky B@@b