Sunday, August 5, 2012

happy sunday

We survived our first full night at home and things went much better than Elden's first night in the hospital. Around 11 pm he pooped literally more than I thought was humanly possible (we were catching poop with wipes because we were mid-diaper change when he started going more) and was smiling the whole time. That was a huge relief for us because the reason his first full night of life was so rough was incessant gas. He's peacefully slumbering away right now (after another marathon pooping sesh) and Jon and I are enjoying some quiet time together. I thought I'd share a few pics of his first days home:


  1. I am such a sucker for daddy's holding their tiny babies!!!!!!!

  2. soo precious Danielle!! He's adorable!! Penelope pooped like that after the first few days because she didn't go poop at sucks eh?? Don't worry soon the pooping will be a lot more "regular"!

    He's beautiful! :)