Wednesday, August 29, 2012

moms on call update

I raved about Moms on Call a week ago and I figured I should give you a little update.

While we haven't been getting the 5- or 6-hour sleep stretches we got that first night, Elden consistently sleeps about three (or slightly more) hours during the night. This translates to only (only?) 2 or so middle of the night feedings which this mama couldn't be happier about. I think the bigger accomplishment is the fact that once I'm done nursing him he goes back to sleep pretty stinking easily... as in, two nights ago, he didn't fuss at all after we put him back in his crib. Typically, if he does fuss, it just takes 1 soothing attempt and he's out cold. Given he would usually be wide awake after a feeding in the middle of the night prior to Moms on Call, I deem this an epic win.

The days have been hit or miss but that's mostly on me. Elden sucks to soothe (but refuses a pacifier and we've tried two different kinds!) so if he wakes up with gas his instinct is to eat. Well, when Jon's not around to be the rock or to give me a break from the screaming every now and again, I give in pretty easily and let him nurse instead of sticking to the 3-hour stretch between feedings.

While the schedule has been pretty great for us it's also borderline frustrating. Before there was any type of predictability it was a lot easier to make plans to go out and take him with us. Now that he has a set bedtime (and bathing and nursing routine that accompany it) we find ourselves being, gasp, more responsible parents. For instance, we are supposed to have a cookout with our small group this weekend beginning at 7 and we are in a conundrum about how to approach it. Our current plan is to nurse, leave (and one of us sit with him in the back to keep him awake), stay for about an hour, then leave to head home to start bath time. Once he is taking a bottle (we're going to start introducing one in preparation for daycare this Friday!) I'm sure these things will be much easier because then we can leave him with someone while we do what we need to, but until that day comes our lives are mostly ruled by the routine.

Activity Time!

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