Sunday, August 26, 2012

on home ownership

I think one of the hardest things about owning a home for me has been the never-ending to do list. Granted, Jon and I definitely bought a fixer upper (that had been foreclosed on and vacant for a few years) that was (is) in much need of some TLC. Being an OCD perfectionist, I've always prided myself on my ability to make lists and cross things off them. This house has humbled me in the biggest of ways.

Right now here are some major repairs/upgrades that need done much sooner than later, but due to insufficient funds, we are forced to pick and choose what gets done when:
1. preventative termite treatment (we still haven't done this because the funds Fannie Mae gave us got sucked up in closing costs); this would preferably be done before winter but I'm not sure if we can swing it.
2. scrape and repaint all exterior woodwork--soffits, window frames, garage, doors, and screen porch; this needs done before winter or we risk much of the wood rotting.
3. new roof; this will hopefully last us through next year. We've already earmarked our tax return for it.
4. major fixes to the basement. The basement had water damage and mold in the finished half so we tore out all the drywall and carpet and now it's mostly in shambles. I'm not sure what we can possibly do down there to make it prettier without risking mold growing again. This project will probably take years for us to find the money (if ever) to tackle.
5. landscaping/grading around the house. There really isn't any landscaping which is nice because it gives us a pretty blank canvas to work with, but finding the time and energy to tackle this project is daunting.

There are several other work in progress projects throughout the house (read: our still unfinished full and completely untouched half bathroom) but right now we're shifting our focus to the exterior. We got some quotes from pros on tackling the repainting of woodwork and the fine gentleman we're going with told us if we scrape and sand all the wood on the first level that would save us a lot of money so we're going to try to go that route. But with September just around the corner and the fact that Ohio weather is unpredictable I'm not entirely sure how well that's going to go on our part. Then there's the fact that our garage interior is still full of unorganized junk from the kitchen and bathroom remodels so neither car can fit in it (although I'm guessing only 1 car will fit into it on a good day). I should be taking advantage of maternity leave time to get a head start on some of this stuff but I'm just so darn tired I can't even think about it! If only caffeine wouldn't get into my breastmilk and affect Elden, I would be a productive machine.

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  1. "I should be taking advantage of maternity leave time to get a head start on some of this stuff..."

    Nope. You should take advantage of maternity leave time to enjoy every bit of that new baby! You are right about the projects never ending - ever, but babyhood will end so enjoy it without feeling guilty