Thursday, August 23, 2012

sweet relief

Wednesday night was HORRENDOUS in babyville.

Elden was awake pretty consistently from 6:30-midnight that night, spare 2 or 3 <30-minute cat naps, and the last hour and a half were spent screaming. I had read Sarah's blog about Moms on Call a week or two before El was born and I was a total skeptic. Prior to and right after his arrival, so many people told us we should put him on a schedule. We scoffed at this concept with the notion of "how do you put a newborn on a  schedule? Type up a memo and give it to him?"

By week 2 he made his own schedule that mostly consisted of sleeping for only an hour to and hour and a half at a time at night and waking to nurse (wore this mama out). Then he would wake up at 4 to nurse and be inconsolable and totally not sleepy after that. During the day he would sleep about 2.5 hours at a time. Even though we knew he had his nights and days confused, we had no practical way to get him on track aside from letting him cry it out. And let's be honest: my heart is too weak to listen to my baby scream uncontrollably for hours on end. Crying it out, at least as a newborn, was not an option for us.

In an act of pure desperation, we navigated to the Moms on Call baby seminar around 11 pm. We paid the $30 hoping for the best. At this point El was screaming bloody murder. We got to their token "instant soothing techniques" and, shocker, none of them worked. We kept reiterating that we didn't think this was going to work out for our little family, but we persevered. Then, the unthinkable happened:

Elden slept (like a baby) from midnight to 3 am. At 3, I nursed him and Jon burped him and then he slept from 3:30-6. PEOPLE, THIS WAS AN EARLY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

Following his first night in his crib!
Granted, I'm sure he was completely worn out from being awake and loud for so long, but I know the soothing techniques helped, as well as helped keep him asleep. So, credit where it's due.

The fact that we moved him from bedside bassinet to his crib is a post in and of itself (read: this mama was a WRECK... and so was Jon). But Jon and I both awoke at 6 feeling completely renewed. After his 6 am feeding, Jon was ready to start the day and I clamored back into bed. I proceeded to sleep completely uninterrupted until 9 am when it was time for his morning feeding. A miracle I tell you!

We're planning on sticking to the schedule outlined in the Moms on Call online training and are hoping tonight will go smoothly even though they say it takes about 3 days for the babes to reset their internal clocks. In other words, we're prepared for a night like last. The thing I loved about the training material is that it gives you so many practical tips on how to get baby on a schedule, soothe baby, etc. It answered many of our "how do we..." questions and on top of that we have access to the material for 180 days and it continues to outline how to keep Elden on a schedule through about a year of age. I should also note that Moms on Call did NOT pay me or comp the training in any way, but it has so far been a great investment of $30 so I felt compelled to share. I will update in a few days or so if we have been able to get and keep El on this schedule and how our nights are going. But in the meantime, if you're a new parent and at your wit's end on getting your newborn to be consolable and sleep during the evening hours, I think it's worth every penny, even if it ultimately only worked for one night for us.

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  1. Wooo!! Celebrating with you! Scheduling works wonders for us. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you :) Seems like you have a lot of other mamas in your life, but sometimes the support of mama friends is what gets us through