Monday, August 27, 2012

the baby(ies)

This is about as much interaction as Marsala's had with the babe:
...and it only lasted 1.4 seconds.

And because I can't resist, a series of photos:
His classic "I'm farting" face
Following said fart
Triumphant over the farts!
Hiding his smile 
Got it!
In other news, Jon starts his semester again today. It's weird that I'm not going back as well, but I've got my hands plenty full with Mr. Stinker. We're still actively searching for childcare for when my maternity leave ends in less than 3 weeks (my heart) and time after time the gig we have lined up falls through. We're hoping to check out a daycare at a church near us this week and that it will work out since it's literally 3 minutes from our house. Mostly we just want a place we can take him where we know he will be safe/loved and that will be accommodating to the schedule we've implemented for him. Send prayers our way please!

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