Saturday, August 25, 2012

the big move

Elden has slept in a bassinet next to our bed since we brought him home from this hospital. This was done to make nighttime feedings easier on me and also because our room has a window AC unit but his room doesn't (we're waiting until next season to get him one).

The Moms on Call course recommended keeping him in his crib for several reasons which I won't get into. That means Wednesday night marked the big move: Elden would no longer be in our room with us.

Since we were already exhausted when we began attempting the methods outlined in the training material (PS, does it weird anyone out besides me that we had to be 'trained' on our newborn? awkward), I was too tired to get terribly worked up about the transition. That still didn't stop me from sending Jon into the nursery three separate occasions to check on him and make sure he was still breathing. Also, I had to fight back tears a few times when I thought about my baby boy being so far (cough10steps) away.

All of this worry was unnecessary because we have a Snuza Halo. It clips to Elden's diaper with a sensor on his belly and if it doesn't detect movement (specifically breathing) for 15 consecutive seconds it vibrates. After it vibrates if it still doesn't detect motion 5 seconds later it alarms so we know we need to check him. It may not do anything proven with regard to SIDS but it gives us peace of mind.

And guess what? Little man adores his crib. He slept better than any night since his short time on this earth. The milestones keep coming and they're breaking my heart!

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