Thursday, September 13, 2012

courtesy of amelia

My Photoshop-savvy friend, Amelia, made my wildest dreams come true from my last post:

Yesterday went incredibly well. Little man is all setup for daycare. I'm already getting misty about sending him. What if he forgets who I am? Will he feel abandoned? Needless to say, I know Monday will be filled with waterworks and then lots of cuddles when I do get home from work. 

I also have other fantastic tiny human news: Elden no longer despises his car seat! The first week of his life was great--no problem driving anywhere. Weeks 2-5 he would be content the first ten minutes then scream until we reached our destination. This was particularly stressful for visiting our families, all of which live 45+ minutes away, and resulted in us basically not leaving the house with him/together. Then we moved up the shoulder straps to the next notch and he has handled the last few outings like a champ. We went to Old Navy, the market, Bath & Body Works, and TJ Maxx last night and he didn't even stir. It was fantastic and a much needed leisurely break with my husband. 

Finally, this is what my morning has looked like and I am perfectly fine with it:


  1. That photoshop picture is AMAZING! It almost looks real! haha

  2. I love that last photo. Sometimes as uncomfortable for you or inconvenient as it may be, at that moment … your life is totally complete. They are everything and seeing their sweet face looking so content means more than your sore back or tired eyes. I love that about being a mom.

    (p.s. total side note, is that the moby wrap you're using? if so how do you/baby like it? I really want to use something like that so I can have baby boy with me when I need to do house work or get ready and he's not having the swing or being in his bassinet. I have a moby, a bjorn and a seven sling but he seems to fuss in all of them. Well I haven't tried the moby just yet because I don't know how to use it. LOL)

    1. Yes it is the Moby! I have a love/hate relationship with it. Elden is very colicky and it seems to be the only thing to consistently relieve his discomfort. That being said, it usually takes me at least 2 attempts to tie it right and that gets annoying really quickly. But once it's on it's comfy. I learned the wrap from a youtube video. If you give it a shot and Noah isn't crazy about it I recommend trying it a few times. Elden didn't know what to make of it at first but now he loves it (usually).

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