Monday, September 24, 2012

disaster date

Yesterday we went on our first date since becoming parents. My work bought Brown's tickets for those interested and while I originally declined thinking Jon wouldn't care, he soon corrected me and I revised our number to '2'. Elden went to my parent's house for the game. My coworkers were tailgating starting around 8 am (kickoff was at 1) but since I'd definitely be missing his 3 pm feeding I didn't want to miss his noon feeding as well for the sake of my boobs. As such, we made our way to my parent's house and got there around 11:30 so I could feed him and we could get out the door as close to noon as we could. I had made his bottles, complete with breastmilk, early that morning and had them ready to go for while we were gone.

And then we got to my parent's house at 11:30, 45 minutes from home, and realized I had forgotten the bottles.

Cue epic fail parenting moment. We realized if we ran home, ran back, then went downtown the game would pretty much be over. I cried and said I guess we wouldn't be going to the game. Then my genius husband reminded me of the fact that I had brought my manual breast pump with me (in case missing his 3 pm feeding meant mama got all sorts of engorged) and there is an abundance of drugstores in this country. Jon ran out to buy a bottle while I nursed Elden and went over how dumb I was in my head. OF ALL THE THINGS TO FORGET. For pete's sake.

Jon went to 2 drugstores because neither had the bottle El normally takes. We ultimately had to chance it and try a new one (which he luckily ended up taking). When I finished nursing him I proceeded to pump out every drop I possibly could, which only amounted to 3 oz--about 2 oz less than he normally takes. We made due and headed from my parent's around 12:30 to sunny skies and pleasant weather (which is what we were dressed for). Yeah, I think you know how this one ends. We took public transit downtown and we stepped off the train to torrential downpours and 45-50 degree weather. I was wearing fabric shoes. We got into the stadium and were drenched. We immediately headed to the restrooms to dry off. At this point it was the end of the first quarter.

We lasted until the middle of the third quarter. Then I couldn't take it anymore. My feet were frozen and I had already been feeling a bit under the weather with the beginnings of a cold. We got back to our car around 3:30 pm and blasted the heat. I think that was easily one of the best parts of our date. We stopped at a little place on the way to my parent's called Brown Bag Burgers and got some food to go. Good thing we got it to go because about 7 minutes from my parent's house and we got a call that little man was fussy (due to hunger). As soon as we walked in I nursed Elden and then Jon and I ate and were very impressed with the food. It was definitely not an ideal date with regard to weather, timing, etc., but it was definitely nice to get away for a few hours just the two of us. The icing on the cake? My parents and grandmas must have worn him out because he slept until 6 am, at which point we had to wake him up to eat. It was much needed because the night prior we had some spitting up disasters that kept us up from 3-4:30 changing sheets, baby, etc. Last time Elden slept through the night the next day was terrible (awake and crying all day) so we'll see how today goes because his colic also seems to be getting better and we kept him up for a good hour after he ate this morning. Big thanks to my family for taking care of our boy while we reconnected a bit!


  1. Aw! Sorry the date was a little rough but so glad you got to get out and get some time alone - cold feet and all. So important!

  2. forgot to mention that Oma, Opa, Gee Gee and Gee Gee Pat did a phenominal job keeping the little man happy and entertained for their first go at babysitting! :)
    On the other hand it's pretty sad that it took 4 mature adults to watch one (less than 13 pound) human being for a few hours.