Wednesday, September 19, 2012

growing up

These are the things working parents miss:

This is the first time Elden held his head up for more than a few seconds during tummy time. We knew it was a matter of time until he did this because whenever we burped him over our shoulder the previous few weeks he would hold his head up. However, I missed the actual event since I was at work. Luckily, Jon was home with him and was able to tape this for me. It's bittersweet--I'm so glad Elden is developing and growing but it's also a reminder that there's a decent chance I'll miss a lot of his firsts--the first time he crawls, walks, etc. That bums me out in the biggest of ways. 

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  1. That was one of my biggest worries when I went back to work too. Even though he was at daycare a lot or with my dad, I still got to see him crawl and walk. I've also heard of SAHMs who miss those milestones because it happened when they left the room or when to get their hair done or something. So, unless you are with him literally 24/7 you are bound to miss something. The important thing is you are with him as much as possible. I dont know of anyone who resents their parents for working, so dont stress too much even though its hard to not be there. :)