Monday, September 3, 2012

lots of firsts

There have been many firsts around here lately. We've been trying to get Elden to take a bottle in preparation for beginning daycare in 2 weeks. We've tried three different nipples and while he successfully sucked on them/knew what to do, he wasn't sucking hard enough to get any of my breastmilk out. More on that in a second.

Yesterday was Elden's first day at church (he did great!) and after church my parents stopped at Target to pick up a few additional bottles.

We tried one that afternoon and we had success! He drank at least an ounce (I know, not much, but progress) and I was able to capture it:

Last night Elden also had terrible gas and would wail the second we'd lay him down. I went out and bought gripe water by wellements baby (another first--we previously tried to avoid administering him any type of gas remedy). I'm not sure if it helped or if the big fart he let out while I was nursing him about 20 minutes later was what did it, but one way or another baby boy stopped crying.

In other news, Elden has mommy's taste in music:

Finally, a big thanks to my parents for helping us cross of some items on our to do list (my car fits in the garage now, we had a solid go at scraping the paint off the exterior first floor woodwork, and there is now a light bulb in our giant above the garage flood light) yesterday! Today I plan on getting more stuff around the house complete. What better way to spend Labor Day!?

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