Thursday, September 6, 2012

sh sh shutter

Our house came with super janky shutters. By janky I mean one was missing entirely and one was falling off the house. We researched the cost to buy new and while the cost wasn't staggering (we estimated somewhere on the order of $150 total for bottom-end shutters) it was still $150 more than we had. After we started really getting settled, my dad removed all shutters so we would just be shutterless. Then Jon discovered the missing shutter tucked up on a shelf in the garage. Cue his brilliant idea to just paint the shutters so as to save some cash.

That was the 'before' picture. They were black(ish) but definitely worse for the wear. I ran to Home Depot and bought some Rustoleum satin spray paint in wildflower blue. To paint them, I leaned two shutters at a time against the back of the garage and draped them with a drop cloth. I then used a spray paint trigger to get a first coat on there.
I should probably preface this with the fact that we had to give each shutter a good scrubbing--they were dusty and covered in cobwebs. They still need a second coat, but I love the contrast the blue gives against our red brick:
The picture is a little deceiving--they're not nearly as neon as they come off in that image. Jon isn't sold on the color yet but I think once we have them hanging against the freshly painted window frames (this isn't done yet but should be complete within the next 2 or so weeks) he'll fall in love. I was also able to give the downstairs a pretty solid cleaning today which makes me very happy with myself. I'm hustling to get as many house projects done as possible before my maternity leave ends in just over a week. Also? I've always been a fan of spring/fall cleaning and now that autumn is around the corner I've been bit by the tidy bug.

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