Friday, September 14, 2012


Our precious baby boy is 6 weeks old today. Our estimations are that he's surpassed the 12-pound mark and as a result we will be switching him to size 2 diapers when our last size 1 pack runs out (although he does still fit in size 1). One of Elden's favourite things is bath time. He is usually content to 'swim' for about 15-20 minutes and in general if he's fussy at bedtime we can count on his nightly bath to calm him down. He's still loving his new-found ability to smile and he's also starting to chatter more when he's awake. He's still sleeping 3.5-6 hours at a time at night and when we give him a bottle he drinks up to 3 ounces. He's better in his carseat lately (knock on wood) and as a result has been easier to take out of the house when I need to run errands. I'm so bummed today is my last weekday at home with him but I know it will make the time I do get to be at home so much more appreciated. 

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