Monday, September 17, 2012

the end

I'm writing this blog on Sunday but delaying publishing it until Monday morning. I know I'll be in no condition to blog on Monday as that is my first day back at work and Elden's first day at daycare. Just typing the latter part of that sentence made me misty.

Now I get to pack my lunch, Jon's lunch and Elden's lunch each day. I desperately hope tomorrow (or as you're reading this, today) goes well. I pray he takes his bottles and doesn't have terrible gas and doesn't even realize he's around total strangers.

This outfit was actually mine as a baby.

I just can't get over how quickly the last 6 weeks went. I will miss the cuddles, the smiles, and believe it or not, the crying. While I will continue to pump so that he can receive the benefits of breastmilk, it won't be remotely close to the awesome that was nursing him (once the pain stopped) and getting those thirty minutes together just to sit quietly and stare at all his little features. Again with the waterworks!!!

I'm hoping tonight goes as well as Saturday night--Elden slept from 9:30pm-5:15am!--so that I'm not totally exhausted on Monday. I will be thinking of him often throughout my day and praying I can hold it together long enough until I get home.

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  1. I love the black and white photo of you both. Elden will adjust to daycare much faster than you will - it's that "parental guilt" thing. He will benefit from the early socialization with others. You will benefit from the separation because you will love him even more when you're together (although its pretty clear you love him a ton right now.) Be blessed. Opa