Monday, October 22, 2012

2-car garage

Date day on Friday rocked my face off. We slept in a hair, took little mister to daycare, and cleaned out the garage. Our house was advertised as having a 2-car garage but we didn't buy it for one second, at least not with our wagons. We haven't actually parked in the garage (consistently) since we got the house because it was either filled with a wardrobe, power tools/parts for our kitchen and bathroom remodels, or just generally disorganized. We knew our only chance at having a home for both cars for the dreaded Ohio winter was to remove everything from the two side walls of the garage. Luckily, our basement is mostly empty so we have plenty of space down there to take things. It only took us about an hour to reorganize/move things downstairs, and then the moment of truth...

Glory! To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. Now neither one of us will have to scrape cars off come (probably) November.

After we finished, we took out our bedroom window AC and covered up the massive downstairs window AC. Following much-needed showers, I put away laundry that I had thrown in earlier in the morning, got Jon's car an E-Check, and went to PF Chang's for lunch with a gift card in hand. Jon got dim sum, I got kung pao chicken. It was delicious. We walked around the mall to see if we could get Jon a case for his new phone (he's a first time smart phone convert now too!) and to pick up my free birthday gift from Sephora. Naturally, we found ourselves in a Crazy 8 with two hats for Elden (a winter hat for $2.99 and the hat I always said I wanted if we had a little boy) and DQ soft serve cones in hand. Following probably too much time at the mall we squeezed in our weekly Aldi trip, dropped the groceries off at home, and went and got our boy a few hours early. It felt amazing to have a few hours to get stuff done and to reconnect with Jon. I am so grateful for that day.

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