Monday, October 8, 2012

big girl phone

I've had flip phones since my earliest cell phone ownership days. This also translates to just minutes/messaging plans mostly because a smartphone plan was just too expensive for me. A few months before I was eligible for my upgrade with Sprint I destroyed my phone. Related: I have yet to actually reach a free upgrade without having previously destroyed my phone/needing to use one of Jon's old phones. Anyway, we went to Sprint to transfer my contacts over and I was checking out the phones in anticipation of my upgrade. I quickly realized there were only about 2 non-smartphones and that things were obviously moving in the direction of every phone available requiring a data plan. We began researching our options because I was certain a data plan was pretty inevitable within the next few years. Jon recommended T-Mobile because they have a $50/month prepaid plan with unlimited calling, text, and data. We headed into their store about a week ago to get more information and were persuaded to consider a 2-year contract agreement to get better service for about the same price. We spent several days discussing it and researching phones (one of the reasons their plans are so cheap is that you pay full price for a phone if you buy through them). Jon found a Samsung Galaxy S on Ebay for a bit over $100 and we decided to go for it. The day after I received the phone in the mail we headed in and activated it. I opted for a plan with 500 anytime minutes, unlimited text/picture mail, 2 gigs of 4G data (after 2 gigs I have unlimited 2G/3G data), and insurance for just over $50/month. So far, so good. I've had so much fun in smartphoneland and immediately began downloading apps. You'll notice on my right sidebar I now have an Instagram feed displaying my photos (follow me @daniellefilipko; also on 'the  Tweeter'). I may be going a little app-happy. Can you blame me? It's just so convenient to have access to the internet in the palm of my hand / always. Also, I love having a cell phone camera that's not poor quality anymore:

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