Wednesday, October 10, 2012

blogher 2013

Since I began blogging, I have always wanted to attend a blogging conference. Maybe it's because I want to learn more about engaging readers and improve my writing. Maybe it's because I am a total fangirl of several bloggers who I know attend these things and I really just want to meet them. Perhaps it's more the latter than the former.

I promise I'm not as big of a creep as I come off. Unless you're one of the aforementioned bloggers that I swoon over. Then yes, I am just as creepy as I sound. I was at least able to draw the creepy line in the sand and kept myself from emailing one of said bloggers (coughShannanMartincough) to ask her if she wants to share a hotel room even though I don't even know if she's going/have never met her. I just feel like she's my blogger 'person.' There's something about her blog that makes me feel like she's a long lost sister of mine, separated at birth. That doesn't even make sense, I know. See what I mean about being a fangirl? It does things to a person.

Anyway, Blogher 2013 is in Chicago July 25th-27th which means we'd probably have to leave Wednesday night and head back to Cleveland either Saturday night or Sunday morning. When I saw Chicago I obviously got super excited since my collegiate roots are there. Not to mention the fact that it's actually within driving distance. Registration is a bit expensive but my parents offered to contribute towards it as a Christmas gift. That just leaves a few things I need to worry about:

-the cost for gas and tolls from Cleveland to Chicago
-the cost of a hotel room for 3-4 nights

My hope is to find 3 other female bloggers within the next few weeks who would also be interested in attending the conference and would want to carpool from Cleveland and share a hotel room. The deadline for early registration is November 8th which is when registration increases by $200. So the moral of the story is if you're in the area (or want to come to this area and then head out with me--I have a guest room if necessary!) and interested in attending Blogher next year, please let me know ASAP! Just send me an email at youngnotpowerless {at} gmail {dot} com or leave your email address in a comment on this post and I will follow up with you.

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