Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Things have been moving along as expected on our end. Jon has fall break this Thursday and Friday so he won't be at school. I've been able to arrange the use of a vacation day on Friday. The game plan is to take Elden to daycare in the morning so we can get caught up on a few house projects (primarily just cleaning and taking out air conditioners) and then go on a lunch date with a gift card my sister gave me for my birthday. You know, low-key old people things that we are eternally grateful for because it means being able to spend a few quality hours together without needing to worry about Elden. I'm so joy-filled at this prospect.

The past few days have been great and productive. Jon's parents came over on Sunday and while his mom watched Elden his dad and I got some yardwork done (bulbs and flowers planted; buckeye spikey ball things raked; lawn moved). I made a delicious pulled beef meal in the crockpot that has been more than sustaining us over the last several days. Elden has been generally as content as ever. He is definitely awake a lot more during the day but that's fine with us because 98% of the time he is smiley and engaged with us. And now, here's a glimpse into what we've been up to:

Mama/Elden time

grabbing things!
scratching daddy's back
watching HIMYM as a family
One thing I'm curious about is what to purchase a baby that will be just over 4 months old for Christmas. We aren't planning on going nuts since he won't have any recollection of it, but we want to get him something. We were discussing buying him a few books because he seems to love it when we read to him. But at the same time, Jon's parents just brought over 2 boxes full of Jon's old books and I don't know if we have much room to buy any additional ones. Any tips?


  1. We bought Leo a book and an ornament. Simple. He was 4 months, too, and like you guys, it seemed silly to get him a bunch of stuff. You could get him a new toy or a music CD. Or a snuggly blanket for winter rides in the car and stroller.

  2. I was also going to suggest a CD. There are so many great ones for children and I am sure Elden would enjoy it. He is so little that as you say he won't exactly recall the event itself, but the music could become your own tradition for Christmas. Singing along to the same songs for the holidays together ever since he was little could then become a great memory later on.