Saturday, October 13, 2012

juicy little love note

Dear Slowcooker,

I'm sorry I neglected you for so long--I should have appreciated you and recognized your value long ago. Ever since bringing home baby I realized just how much you mean to me. Taking you for granted is easily one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. The ability to place gross, uncooked meat with very minimal preparation into your bowl and make you all hot and bothered until my house smells like a home and you make me dinner is one of the greatest gifts you could possibly give me. That delicious pulled beef you made me tonight certainly didn't hurt, either. This relationship we have where you tend to what will sustain us for the remainder of the week while still allowing me to go about my day is a nice one. The minimal cleanup required is definitely an added bonus. I guess what I'm trying to say is I really kind of love you. I daresay I'd be lost without you in this season of life. Thank you for being so good to me. I mean it. Feel free to slap me if I ever overlook your worth again.



Today was an amazing one in the land of parenting. I think it could actually go down in the record books as one of the best in the past 2 months. Elden slept from 9:30-6:30 last night and we ultimately went in to wake him because I felt like my boobs were going to explode. After he ate we hung out for about half an hour and put him back to bed, where he slept until 9:30 (when we again had to wake him). During that time Jon and I got to talk (uninterrupted!!) and I did laundry, dishes, prepared dinner in the slowcooker, picked up downstairs with Jon's help, and ate breakfast. After Elden ate at 9:30 the three of us hung out in our room for about half an hour and then Elden went to sleep until around 12:30. After eating he and I headed off to Lube Stop to get my car an oil change that was overdue by about 3,000 miles and an E-Check. Elden only cried for about ten minutes during that process although I did have to sit in the back and take him out of his seat while they changed the oil to help keep him occupied. Following Lube Stop we went and visited Jon at work for about half an hour then headed home to eat again. Since Elden hadn't slept since 12:30 he was zonked and went right to bed after he nursed. Then guess what I did. I TOOK A NAP. Bliss. By the time I woke up dinner was ready in the slowcooker so I made myself a sandwich. Elden stirred right when I finished because he kicked his bare leg out of his swaddle and got chilly. I brought him downstairs where I nursed him and we played for about 45 minutes. He is now tucked peacefully in bed and I'm about to hop in the shower. Today was both productive and restful and also a good one with regard to bonding with the little man. Case in point by the trillion Instagram pictures I took of him today. Here's one of my faves: