Thursday, October 11, 2012

treat yo'self

I had told Jon that my goals for post-Elden were to go on Weight Watchers again to lose the baby weight and when I did to reward myself with some new clothes, probably funded through birthday and Christmas money.

Well, thanks to a 9-pound baby with a voracious appetite, I didn't need Weight Watchers. In fact, Mr. Hungry has put me at a lower weight than pre-pregnancy. Praise Jesus!

Anyway, I was gifted a TJ Maxx gift card as well as some birthday cash (oh yeah, I turned 24 on Tuesday. I feel old!) and last night we decided to go check things out.

I wavered at first. Even though I weigh less than BEE (Before Elden Existed), I do have a pancake belly of stretched out skin (love that visual) so certain items I tried on were a far cry from flattering.

I ultimately walked away with a pair of red courds, two shirts, one sweater, and one winter headband/earmuff type deal. All for less than $70, all covered by gifts! Blessed.

As shallow as it may be, it's amazing what a few new clothing items can do for the self esteem. I've also made myself a rule that any time I bring new clothing items into my closet or dresser (which is, to be honest, a rarity these days) I have to get rid of the same number of items. I haven't done this yet but I'm planning on going through both my closet and wardrobe and donating most of my clothes this weekend anyway because I really only wear a handful of items.

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  1. I love the striped shirt! Happy belated Birthday!!