Saturday, November 3, 2012

baby matching

So who does he look more like?

This picture doesn't do some of the features justice, but here's our verdict:
-Mama's complexion, blonde locks and thin, wispy hair
-Papa's lips
-Mama's eye shape; Papa's eye layout
-Combo of Mama's and Papa's ears
-Papa's nose (it looks more like mine in this picture, but trust me, he has Papa's nose to a T... refer to the picture of him in the right sidebar of my blog and you'll see it)
-Papa's kissable cheeks
-Papa's jaw

I would also like to point out that I looked like a little boy for the earliest years of my life. That was actually a dress and I was wearing white tights. We played a game at our small group leaders' baby shower where we had to guess which person was in each of our baby pictures. Everyone guessed that Jon was me.

But now I have boobs so there's no mistaking it! (I hope.)

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