Wednesday, November 14, 2012

camp relationships

Ya'll are well aware of my love affair with camp. I formed many lasting relationships through my numerous years as a camper, as well as the year I worked there as a CIT.

One of the relationships I formed when I worked there was with Ziggy and Alexis--two counselors that were dating well before the summer started. In fact, on one of our days off that summer I had the honor of being present when Ziggy proposed to Alexis at their favorite spot in Pittsburgh. Anyway, even though that was in 2006 we have kept in touch since then despite rarely getting to see each other thanks to the state line that separates us.

In June, they had two beautiful girls. And, as you know, Elden arrived in early August. We had yet to meet their girls and they had yet to meet Elden, so when Ziggy told us they were moving further into Pennsylvania at the beginning of December we knew a meet-up was in order.

Yesterday I took a vacation day and the 7 of us met halfway between here and Pittsburgh in the fabulous North Lima, Ohio. And Heaven help me, those babies are ADORABLE.
Elsa, Elden, and Lucia
We spent about 3 hours catching up over burritos that were as big as the babies and Dairy Queen. Clearly, two ladies was far too much for Elden to handle at once. It was so great to finally be able to hold those girls, not to mention see Ziggy and Alexis again. One of my favorite parts was getting to see babies so close in age to Elden with so very different personalities. Both girls were overall less fussy than Elden, and Lucia was hands down the most chill baby I've ever met. Elsa was calm and smiley except when she wasn't, and when she wasn't boy did you know it. We were proud of Elden because this was the first time we attempted a sit-down type restaurant with him without family to hand him off to and he handled it like a champ. While we were there was also the first time he has ever been able to bring his rattle to his mouth to suck on.

I am so grateful for relationships like these. Even though it will likely be a long stretch of time before we get to see the four of them again, to know when we do meet up it's like nothing has changed is such a blessing. Jon even said that was some of the most fun he's had in a long time--coming from my overall quiet and reserved husband that's a huge compliment. So, so grateful. We love you guys!

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