Thursday, November 29, 2012

prayers for lee [3]

I can only imagine the thoughts racing through Laura and Josh's minds right now. I thought a good way to encourage them might be to show them just how many people are praying for them.

I created an interactive Google map that allows you to add a placemark to your town to physically display where prayers are coming from. Would you take a minute (seriously, that's all it takes) to add your name or city to the list? Here's how:

1. Click here
2. To add your location, click "EDIT" in the left bar.
3. You will see 3 options appear on the top left of the map to select/edit map features, add a placemark, and draw a line. 
4. Click to Add a Placemark.
5. Drag and drop it (it will appear on your mouse) on your city.
6. You can then enter a title (but don't have to) - feel free to enter your name, your town, etc.
7. Click "OK". 
8. Make sure to click "Done" on the left sidebar to save your changes.

And please keep praying for Lee's surgery tomorrow!

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