Friday, November 16, 2012

prayers for lee

A friend of mine, Laura, has a sweet baby boy named Lee who has been facing all sorts of serious medical issues since pretty much birth (they just didn't know it at the time).

In a nutshell, the blood supply to his small intestines was mostly cutoff without anyone realizing it. Lee had digestive issues since he was first born (spitting up, apparent food allergies so Laura restricted her diet as she was breastfeeding) but it all seemed like typical infant reflux so nothing warranted grave concern. One day he had blood in his diaper, so they took him to the ER where he was rushed into surgery. Since he was so tiny (just a few months older than Elden) they had to leave his incision open to allow the swelling to go down before continuing other operations. During the transition from surgery to recovery in one of his surgeries, Lee's heart stopped. They performed CPR for 2 minutes and were able to bring him back.

Lee when he was in the NICU on life support
After 33 days in the hospital, numerous surgeries, and a yet-unknown fate of the small intestines, Lee was released from the hospital in early November. It has been a waiting game to determine whether Lee would need subsequent surgeries or if his intestines would return to normal functioning.
Lee's homecoming!
Well, after 4 appointments in the past 2 days the general feeling is that they will have to redo Lee's surgery. He has a contrast study of the intestines on the 28th and if their suspicions are correct, Lee would be re-admitted on the 29th with surgery on the 30th. That being said, Lee has also been fussy and hard to help most of the day so Laura and her husband, Josh, are hurting since they can't do much to alleviate Lee's discomfort. 

Will you please pray for him to experience total healing by his contrast study date? Would you please also lift Laura, Josh, and their elder son, Merit, in prayer in these coming weeks? Laura has a blog that she has begun updating in this crazy season of life, and it gives you a great overview of her heart and her boys. Please stop by her blog to leave her some encouragement and show their family some love.

With Laura's permission, I'll post updates as they come in, or you can check her blog to see if she has been able to update. You don't have to be a parent to know how heartwrenching it is to see such a young child in pain and with so much uncertainty ahead of him. We know God is good and that He can use this and turn it into something joyful. But for now, we wait.

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