Sunday, November 11, 2012

quarter of a century

Twenty-five years ago today, a rambunctious and stubborn (I assume) little boy made his way into this world. Nineteen years later he would meet me; three and a half years after that he would make me his wife. Happy birthday to the only person I know who looks incredibly attractive in every single driver's license he has acquired (I don't include your mean-faced-long-haired-teenager license at 16 in that assessment). But seriously, his drivers licenses are ridiculous.
Jon, seeing you in this new season of our lives together brings me unadulterated joy. You are the best father to our son--going above and beyond to make sure Elden feels loved, taken care of, and happy. You continue to enhance my life in so many ways and always have optimism about our love even when we go through the hard stuff. I am forever grateful to call you mine. Here's to hoping for three more 'quarter of a century's together :). Happy birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jon! I couldn't ask for a finer man to be a life-partner for Danielle. Rock on!