Friday, November 23, 2012


We're a little late on this post thanks to nonstop family time this Thanksgiving. Lots to update on this week! Elden now regularly accepts a pacifier... and I think this is in part due TEETHING! He's got the classic signs--fussy, waking at night to nurse, slobber mania, and chewing on everything. He's also been rolling from his back to his side but he can't quite get over to his belly just yet. Last night was his first night not at our house because the three of us spent the night at my parent's and Jon and I went Black Friday shopping. He handled it like a champ and only woke once to eat at night. We're getting more giggles out of him each week and we really are starting to adore this interactive age.

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  1. Elsa is also currently teething. But she hasn't made it sound cute at all. Lots of crying and screaming. Lets hope Lucia isn't as grumpy as Elsa, or there's going to be a grumpy Zig and Alexis!