Tuesday, November 27, 2012

so many thoughts

Lately we've been preparing the house for Christmas (tree to be put up tonight!), trying to get through each hectic day intact as Jon rapidly approaches finals, and loving on our becoming-talkative boy. In this hectic season Jon and I have typically grown distant due to our daily grind, but a few nights ago we put away our computers and cell phones, shut off the television, and talked for three hours--staying up 'til 10:45 pm voluntarily! It was beyond needed and we are going to make more of an effort to nurture our relationship in that way.

Elden's first Thanksgiving was great. We spent Thanksgiving day in Youngstown with Jon's family then headed to my parent's to drop Elden off for the night so Jon and I could hit the outlets at midnight with my sister. After shopping for three hours (a record for me... I hate shopping) we went back to my parent's for the night then celebrated Thanksgiving on Black Friday.

I failed to mark our preggoversary on Sunday. One year ago Sunday we found out Elden was cooking in mah belly. Hands down the most life altering news we ever received, but we are so abundantly blessed by this tiny human.

I also had a Favorite Things Party with some girlfriends on Saturday night and it was a blast! There was a ton of food, really awesome favorite things, and some serious girl talking that went down and that was the first time in a while (aside from Black Friday shopping) that I voluntarily saw 10:30 pm. I am SO glad we got together for this! I wish I would have gotten pictures but I totally forgot.

And now, a photo dump:

I'm working on another responsible consumerism blog for this Christmas season, so keep an eye out for that!

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