Friday, November 2, 2012


Elden is 13 weeks old today and as of our doctor's appointment on Wednesday weighs a hefty 14 pounds 11 ounces. Wednesday night he also gave us his first ever belly laugh! Daddy was laying down facing him and would roll him onto his side to give him repeated kisses on his neck and he thought that was absolutely hilarious (for about 10 seconds). We have re-attempted several methods to get that giggle again but have thus far been unsuccessful. More of his personality is beginning to define itself--he is stubborn like his mama and fights sleep like a boss, but he is also very serious and quiet/observant like his dad. He seems more content to listen to you babble on like a fool than to participate in such shenanigans himself. He is also very bashful--there are moments when I'm holding him that if Jon is giving him lots of attention and fuss he will turn into my chest with a huge grin on his face and bury it against me. That is DEFINITELY like his dad. Now that we've experienced some legitimate giggles I can't wait to squeeze more out of him!

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