Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas recap

Things still aren't settled in our house. Elden is still refusing his crib and is generally unhappy. His pediatrician checked him out on Wednesday and said there was no clear reason for the vomiting but since he seems happy (that boy is ALWAYS smiling at the doctor's office. Makes us look like we're lying when we say he's sick!), is producing mass quantities of drool and is obviously not dehydrated the doctor wasn't concerned. Elden did just cut his two front bottom teeth (too fast!) this morning so that could have something to do with all of it. We have been giving him baby acetaminophen at night the past two nights and that has definitely helped him with the restlessness/discomfort, but he still much prefers being with us at night. Once we're certain he's no longer in pain/sick (still has some congestion/very minor cough) we will attempt crying it out to get him back in his crib. The reality is, none of us are getting enough rest with him cosleeping. He stirs throughout the night and wants to play with us/is engaged with the environment in a way he wouldn't be if he was in his room. Not to mention it isn't remotely healthy for our marriage for Jon and I to literally never have one second of alone time.

We celebrated Christmas with my family on Saturday and even though he was sick, Elden handled it pretty well. Homeboy got a ton of cute clothes, a few really fun interactive toys, etc. Among other gifts, Jon and I received a pot and pan hanging rack for our kitchen and a nice hobby train set (for Jon/Elden). Jon already has big plans to expand this thing and hang it on its track in our attic-soon-to-be-playroom. We had a delicious dinner, a ton of dessert, and most importantly quality time with my family that I wasn't expecting since Elden had been so sick.
Tuckered out at my parent's house
On Christmas Eve we started a new family tradition and went to IHOP for breakfast. Elden was seriously the model child and was smiling, quiet, and content the whole hour and fifteen minutes we were there. He started to get restless as we were getting ready to leave and did go from 0 to fiercely angry pretty quickly, but was otherwise okay. We cracked up because a few ladies told us how lucky we were to have such a "perfect baby." If only they knew....
Then it was Jon's family's turn. The three of us headed over there early because dinner wasn't until 6 and Elden's bedtime is (supposed to be) 7:30 so we wanted to make sure they got some quality time in. He slept in his car seat the first 2 hours we were there so Jon and I got to spend some quality time with his parents. Elden was definitely not in a good way the rest of the day and spent most of his time in our ERGObaby carrier (I cannot sing that thing's praises enough). Despite the cranky little guy, Jon and I had a really great time. Some of the neat gifts we received were a video baby monitor for Elden (love this, even if so far we haven't been able to use it much...) and power tools for our yard. Then, as you know, Christmas Eve was a nightmare and therefore Christmas day wasn't so great either. In fact, we still haven't really shown Elden the toy we bought him for Christmas or opened his stocking...
On our way to Granny and GrA's
Needless to say, we forgot to take pictures or bring our new-to-us digital video camera Jon got me for Christmas. It also wasn't a very cheery one for someone less than 3 feet tall who shall not be named. Maybe I'll get around to writing a post about our experiences with colic and an overall difficult little guy. Or maybe I'll take a nap instead.

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